Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy is the science and art of assessing the structure, movement, beliefs and values of a human in order to optimize function. I adhere to the idea that Physical Therapists, first and foremost, are teachers of Physical Literacy. We may not be able to change pathology, but we can sure as heck help you understand your body more thoroughly so you understand the importance of our clinical prescriptions and recommendations.

Doula Services (Not Currently Offered)

Becoming a Doula has made me a better Physical Therapist. I am currently not offering Doula Services, however, in order to focus on my increasingly-busy outpatient practice and my research into early Postpartum Physical Therapy interventions.

Birth Preparation Workshops

Want to get a few extra tricks to prepare for labor and delivery? I currently offer a 2-hour workshop to couples privately. The cash rate for this workshop is $100, but for established PT clients this can be billed to your insurance carrier as part of your Physical Therapy plan of care.

Guest Speaking

Are you a member of a group who would like to learn more about the pelvic floor and pelvic health? Send me an email and let’s get a guest speaking engagement booked!  Find out more about me.